Online Subjective Examination System

As we all are aware, the corona virus breakout which entered India in the beginning of the year made us stay at home, follow social distancing and opt for online or digital modes for every day to day activity.

Although, the post lockdown period has started, the risk of getting infected is not completely diminished. Considering this fact, the schools and universities have started opting for online classes and examinations.

Even corporate companies are switching over to conducting exams online for recruitment or other purposes. Online subjective examination system designed by Splashgain Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd and known as Eklavvya is flexible and scalable for conducting exams for a large number of candidates simultaneously. It can process results quickly and can provide useful analytics for decision making as well.

Conducting objective type of exams are comparatively easier as the candidates just need to select any one option for the questions and in the end the system can evaluate the answers digitally.

Steps to Conduct Online Subjective Exam Process

Need of Online Subjective Examination System

But conducting subjective type of online exam comes with challenges. One of the challenges is that the subjective type questions can include scientific or mathematical symbols, images, etc which might be difficult to type or draw using keyboard and mouse.

But the key challenge is to type answers which could be lengthy and consume time. To overcome this challenge, we at Splashgain, have introduced the feature of ‘Speech-to-text’ in the Eklavvya platform.

The candidate appearing for the exam can speak the answers to this feature and the system will type the answers on the screen. The auto conversion of voice to text helps to eliminate the limitations which come with slow typing of each answer.

The candidate can upload relevant images associated with the answer from the pool of images provided by the tool. The candidate can also draw mathematical or scientific symbols, type chemical reactions, integration, square root, etc. with ease.

Another challenge for online subjective examination system is the evaluation of answer sheets. Eklavvya provides the examiners with their own logins to evaluate answers digitally.

The examiners can log into the system and see the answers written by students. They can assign marks to the individual questions. The system can calculate the total score of the candidate and hence, the possibility of committing calculation errors or missing out on checking any question is totally eliminated. Eklavvya also provides a facility to download single or multiple scorecards in excel format.      

Now let us see the basic workflow of online subjective examination system at Eklavvya:

Step 1: Define Question Bank

Eklavvya provides facility to define subject of the exam, pattern of the exam , difficulty level of subject, types of questions, topics to be included in the exam. It also provides facility to include questions with images, paragraphs, large texts, etc.

Step 2: Define Subjective Exam

Eklavvya provides facility to define the marks and time allotted to each question, total number of questions included in the exam as also some online exam related questions.

Step 3: Assign Exam to the candidates

Using Eklavvya’s platform, the schedule of the examination, number of candidates appearing for the exam, their details as well as their login and credentials can be defined. These exams are proctored using advanced AI-based remote proctoring technology and thus are secured. The candidates to launch the exam on their respective devices using the credentials provided to them as a part of authentication.

Step 4: Candidate can appear for the Online Subjective Exam

Eklavvya provides a facility to save answers, type long answers or use speech-to-text feature and select relevant images for the candidates who are appearing for the exam. The candidates can also draw diagrams manually, scan them and upload them.

Step 5: Examiner can Login and check the Subjective Answers

Just like the candidates, every examiner is provided with his/her individual login. Using their credentials they can login to evaluate the answer sheets and assign marks. Eklavvya provides facility to generate results for every candidate as also export multiple results in an excel spreadsheet.

Thus, we can see how Eklavvya has made online subjective examination system simple and hassle free. It has helped many institutions to digitalise the traditional pen and paper type subjective exams with the help of advanced Artificial intelligence based technology.
Thus Eklavvya has marked the beginning of new digital era in the field of online examinations!