Competitive world demands that you need to continuously add skills to your profile to standout in the competition. Foreign language is one of the important area to focus on. There are many instances when corporate world needs person with knowledge of foreign language in addition to skills related to Job.

Learn English, French German,French Chinese, Learn Japnese, Learn Spanish
Learn English, French German,French Chinese, Learn Japnese, Learn Spanish

Globalization is bringing all the countries under one context. More and more business deals happening across the globe among various countries including India. Teams are becoming diverse with multiple office locations. In such scenario it has become essential to have knowledge of at least one foreign language like French, German, English, Chinese, Japanese would provide added advantage for your profile.

Working with Global Team: If you are working in global MNC environment and interacting with the foreign clients then knowledge of foreign language would provide unique opportunity to improve team bonding and relationship with your client counterpart by talking in their own language. Specifically most of the Europien  Countries, China, Japan prefers to speak in their own language. Your knowledge about their language would be useful in various business meetings.

If you  (or Your team) are developing  certain services, business specific to Foreign Countries then knowing culture, language can add value to your offerings.

Language Translator: There are great career opportunities coming up in the area of Foreign Language Specialist or Language Translator. Many organizations who are looking to setup their offices in the countries Like China, Germany, Japan, France are looking for Indian professionals who have knowledge of such local language. If you are expert in your field and looking for the global career opportunity then learning Foreign Language (German/ French/ Spanish/ Chinese)  is  essential for you to take your career to global level.


Similarly MNCs from other  countries are also trying to setup base in India are looking for people having knowledge of English as well as their own language which would help them to run business operations in India. Many opportunities are coming up in the area of Hospitality, Manufacturing, Software/IT sector for such skilled person with foreign language knowledge.

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