Distance Education

Technology advancement is certainly helping us in various ways. In case of education as well there is innovation in terms of learning new courses. Distance education is becoming one of the preferred ways of learning for working executives.Higher education is becoming important factor for career advancement, enhancement of skillset, improving competencies of the individual. Following are some of the points should be considered while selecting any distance education course
1. Approval By Distance Education Council of India: One must check of institute and its distance education course is recognized by Distance Education Council of India (DEC India). DEC India has some of the parameters to certify distance education course. Such certification certainly providing strong value for distance education course.
2. Industry Specific Course: Distance education course should be with specialization in your area of expertise and it should help you in career advancement. If you are working in manufacturing organization then courses like operations management, piping design, financial management would help you to advance in your professional career.
3. Industry aligned Syllabus: Syllabus of any distance education course has to be in accordance with latest trends in the industry.It would be major advantage for distance learning course with up to date syllabus which would prove better than full time course whose syllabus is out of date.Example : In case of finance, stock market  related course , it should include all the latest changes ,regulations implemented by SEBI , SEC and other stock exchange governing bodies.
In case of Energy Management course ,it should include all the latest trends, topics discussed in Copenhagen summit, Global Warming, alternate energy source, current trends in new renewable energy sources etc
4. Flexibility in Education : Distance Education Course should provide flexibility for working executives to manage studies while working. In terms of appearing for the exam , you should always check flexibility options provided by the institute.
5. Technical and other support: Distance Education Institute should be able to provide support for various queries, operational support and help so that student should not face any trouble during the course.

Do you consider any other factor crucial for right distance education course ?

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