If you are thinking to go to USA, UK for your MS, post graduation then it is important to explore various options for funding your education. Apart from Bank Loan, personal Fund, money from relative here are some of the ways which can really help you to earn while you are doing your studies in the foreign countries.

1) Scholarship can be explained as reward or incentive given by university or some other entity because of your excellent performance in career till now. This can be in form of money given to you monthly / semester wise or annual or can be in form of reduction of fees.This is the best funding you can get. Simple reason is you don’t need to do anything extra while finishing your studies. You don’t need to worry about money and you can easily concentrate on study. Explore all generic scholarship options along with university specific options. If you have very good profile you can always apply for scholarships.

2) Research assistance ship: All major universities get money from government / private institutes for research in specific areas. Usually this money is distributed to professors depending on their expertise and needs. As research is complex and time critical ,professors need assistance for some specific tasks. Students can get selected if they have exposure in that area. This assistance has dual advantage. You get money for the work you do and also you get to work in area you like of course learning under professor is very good for your career in research. To get this assistance ship, check while applying to university what research is going on in that university and whether you can get any part in that. In fact, this is one of the criteria for selection of university for many.

3) Teaching assistance ship: If you are applying for masters you can get chance for teaching assistance ship. There will be some tasks such as taking practical sessions/ conduct tests / take classes for some specific area where professors need help. If you have good communication skills you should apply for this assistance. Teaching assistance ship is easy to get in bigger university where there are lot of undergraduate courses so consider that while applying.

4) General assistance ship: There are lot of clerical / administrative jobs available at university such as librarian, data entry, admission process handling. If you have some past experience in information technology, you can get some in house IT tasks. Here also major university where variety of tasks are performed is best option for assistance ship.

5) On campus job: In case you don’t get any form of assistance ship you can try for on campus job which will help in paying at least your regular expenses. On campus job include variety of tasks ranging from cafeteria to mail delivery.

6) Summer internship: whether you get assistance ship or not, summer internship is always important way of raising money. For all major universities , there will be holidays in summer and that is best time to get part time job. This not only gives you  working experience but also increases chances of getting permanent job to great extent. Applying for internship is online now everywhere and reference help a lot. To get internship it helps if your university is in area where lot of industrial firms are present.

India is also picking up in terms of  internship opportunities for the students . This will help to create similar scenario like USA, UK and concept of earning while learning would become useful to fund your education.