Planning for the GRE, here is some useful information about it.

1) You are interested in working in the foreign countries like USA in the area of research. GRE is your gateway to get quality education and get job in research. In India,  till today there is very less investment in research and if you want to work in research or want to learn research methodologies have new ideas then you have to take GRE.

2) There is separate quota for H1B visa for people who have graduated from USA. Even if you end up doing same thing what you were doing before MS you can earn enough which can easily pay off your MS tuition fees. You can stay in USA till the time you want, earn money and then return if you want to. If you want to get settled in USA , GRE is best or the only option for you.


University selection criteria

1) Funding – MS is usually costly affair. It is better if you earn money while you are studying. It helps reduce some financial burden and also you can enjoy your well deserved money after your graduation and not waste in repaying loans. You can either get research assistance ship, teaching assistance, general assistance or campus job.

2) Location of university – It is important you select university in area where there are many jobs available. California , New York, Texas are few areas to look for. When you are studying in such areas you will get to know about job fairs easily.

3) Chances of admission – It takes at least 200$ fees per university to apply including expenses for application fee, mailing documents, sending scores etc. You might not want to waste money unnecessarily.

4) Rank of university – If you are interested in research oriented job this factor is of prime importance. Otherwise even though for normal job rank of university may not matter much , you might not want to end up in community college after spending so much money.

5) Fees – Some universities life University of Southern California satisfy all of the above criteria but their fees are double then other universities. That can be one of the major factor affecting your decision.


Sample application checklist

1. Complete application form (For paper filing you need to sign)
2. Payment of application fee
3. University / college transcript for current degree (Translations will be needed if original transcripts are other than English)
4. Official GRE scores sent from ETS
5. Official TOEFL scores sent from ETS
6. Financial documents (Proving you have or can get enough money to support your studies)
7. Three (3) letters of recommendation
8. Statement of purpose

Keep in mind 2 extremely important things
1) You need to apply before the deadline .Preferably keep sufficient time before deadline in case something in your application is missing.
2) Almost every university will have application checklist on their website. Confirm it once before you mail all documents.