Dear All,

Last week, we, ePravesh ( got its very first customer live on our pre-admission platform. With a hope that our concept will help the millions of students, parents and working executives, we started working on this platform. In the current context of Indian education system, taking admissions, right from Nursery to even post graduation courses is a laborious process. We hope our platform will simplify the pre-admission process for all the stakeholders as well as give insights to the education institutes in this process to take informed decisions and cut costs overall to gain from the process.

We launched this platform in December 2009 and getting lot of traction with institutes. There will be many more features those will get added in days to come to make the platform richer and to discuss the needs of the community. But, the FIRST customer going live is a unique experience. The team is having mixed feelings, joyous beyond the words as the idea seen day of the light, anxiety about the performance of the product in “LIVE” environment and excitement about the future.

It would be really awesome to read the experiences of the group members who represent the startup, about their acquisition of their first customer, their emotions after getting their first customer and the journey ahead…

Although our “present” is the reality it’s not bad to be nostalgic for few moments in our life. 🙂

What was  /will be your reaction after getting first customer on board ?