Foreign University Admission to UK,USA, Canada, Australia
Foreign University Admission to UK,USA, Canada, Australia

1. Could you tell us in brief about the Focus Consultants & it’s objective?

We at FOCUS firmly believe that every student comes with individual capabilities and aptitudes. Our approach therefore is student-oriented and customized to suit that student’s requirements. Individual attention helps carve the right career path that’s tailor-made for the student.

To evolve into a multi-dimensional organization that aims at creating career solutions for students by exploring their potential as well as providing global guidance for further education in India or abroad.

We realize that dreams come with a deadline; therefore it is important to proceed at the right time. We step in to catalyze this process for both the student and the parents, thereby making quicker and easier for them. We not only give counseling inputs, but our aptitude tests help identify the student’s true potential. We have experts from the education industry who are updated with the current scenarios and can provide both good advice and solutions.

2. As we understand from the discussion your approach is different, could you please elaborate on the same?

FOCUS is professional education counseling organization, especially for students who want to pursue global career. Going abroad to study is a long process involving various steps and procedures. We aim at clarifying this process for the student, so as to enable good education opportunities without undue wastage of time.

A student registered with Focus can avail the assistance provided for the following points.

  • Career Counselling – OIP
  • Course Selection
  • Country Selection
  • University Selection
  • SOP and Recommendations Assistance
  • Visa Guidance and Support
  • Visa Orientation
  • Bank Loans
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Pre-departure Orientation
  • Banking Requirements
  • Insurance

We also provide guidance about the Finance involved. We help in getting a clearer idea of all the expenses that are involved in the process- direct as well as peripheral.

3. Could you please let our readers know more about Occupational Interest profiling test? 

Occupational Interest Profiling Test
Occupational Interest Profiling Test

If you think about it, your career is one of the most important aspects of your life. Throughout your adult years, you will probably spend more time working than doing any other single activity. A productive and fulfilling career can significantly contribute to one’s personal happiness.
The decision of choosing one’s career is the most important one of our lives. Yet, often it is made on the basis of unrealistic professional aspirations, inadequate knowledge, parental and societal pressures and emotional factors that should rightly be irrelevant to this decision. It is not surprising, therefore, that many people find themselves in careers that have little to do with their aptitude, skills and desires.

For many people, choosing a career or career related education can be a frustrating and anxiety producing experience. It needn’t be so. There are more than One Thousand careers to choose from, out of which you could easily discover that you have an interest in and aptitude for an exciting position you never knew existed.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs go unfilled because the public is not aware of those jobs or careers. Whether you are a prospective college student searching for a specialization that will lead you to the right career, a high school student seeking a technological or craft vocation, or an adult dissatisfied with the present occupation and wanting to switch, the art of self-discovery can assist you in your decision making process.

4. What are the benefits of OIP test to Students, Parents & to the education institutes?

Whatever your present situation, you know that the decision you’re about to make is too important to leave to luck, a whim, or what your best friend thinks you should do. You’ll find a professional system here that really works; one that will give you a new, decisive, and exciting way to clearly view yourself, to determine your career strengths and to set appropriate goals. You’ll have a much better sense of which careers are apt to be the most satisfying and rewarding. After using our system you will be well on the way to making one of the best decisions of your life – choosing the career that is most likely to guarantee your success. We want to help you select a career rather than settle for one.

5. As we understand these days OIP is extensively used by corporate world as well – your comments?

It provides an in-depth assessment of a person’s strengths and development needs and is a powerful tool enabling you to select the right person for key positions in any organization. These describe an individual’s typical interpersonal behavior, thinking style and ways of coping with stress. Extended reports include preferred Team Roles, Leadership, Subordinate and Selling Styles, and Career Themes. Reports focusing on competencies and emotional intelligence are also available. Customized reports can be developed to focus on factors critical to any organisation. Interview prompts to further explore the match and mismatch between the individual and role requirements are also available. It not only helps to improve employee retention rate but also helps to improve their outputs.

6. What advice you would like to offer to students & the parents who wish to pursue their education in USA, the UK, Australia & New Zealand?

How, when, where? Focus has all the answers, when it comes to an education abroad. The various technical issues in the procedure of involve important decision-making and active measures for accomplishing the desired course within a specific time. This makes the whole procedure faster, simpler and easier.

A detailed process of the student’s journey with us is as under-

  • Counselling and Registration
  • Short listing the university /college
  • Submission of Documents (Hard Copies)
  • Apply to the Universities
  • Preparation of Exams like IELTS, TOFEL, GRE
  • Receive application status updates
  • Admission Letter /Offer Letter Universities
  • Bank Loan Process
  • Accepting the offer letter / paying the deposit
  • Preparation for VISA with all documents like Financial & other mandatory details.
  • Submit the Visa application
  • Tracking Visa Application
  • Pre-Departure briefing


Education Counseling and Aptitude Test

Focus Consntant for Counseling and Admission to UK,USA, Australia, Canada University
Focus Consntant for Counseling and Admission to UK,USA, Australia, Canada University



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