PMP, Project Management Part Time Courses
PMP, Project Management Part Time Courses

Recession is hitting entire Europe. There is currency fluctuation across the world. Even Rupee is trading in the range of 50.5 to 52.5 per USD. Many economists say that this time situation might not be worse like 2008 US recession. But things are becoming unpredictable. Entire job market, employment opportunities are also going to be affected by economic downturn.You need to build additional skills to remain competitive in the employment market or to get promotion in recession period.

If you are working professional working in sectors like Manufacturing, IT, Operations, Retail having handful years of experience then you might be thinking about career progression using the experience in hand. You need to understand that along with you there are your colleagues also looking for similar career progression in the same organization. It is important for you to distinguish yourself from the crowd by following some unique steps or doing some additional professional level courses which will add value to your “Resume”

Unique Features of Project Management Course

1. You can join such course while continuing your job

2. You will require to invest your weekend or 1-2 days of the week for classroom based training

3. As you have work experience it will be easy for you to grasp knowledge of Project Management using your own organization cases

4. Doing course while working help you to apply the knowledge immediately so that you will follow systematic, process oriented approach while working on any problem or task.

Advantages of Part Time Project Management Course

1. You will be able to learn tools and techniques of Project Management

2. If you are working as associate then knowledge of project management will certain create opportunity of promotion and enhancement in career progression.

3. You will be able to appear for Project Management Certification Exams like PMP and CAPM conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI) USA.