Explore online coding assessment, bulk video interview, audio interviews can help to simplify remote hiring process for your organization. Are you looking to simplify hiring process with the help of technology?

Lot of organizations, multinational companies are trying to adopt new normal remote hiring process where employees are not only working remotely, but hiring process is also being scaled up with the help of technology. In this video we are discussing about how you can simplify the hiring process.

Remote hiring process with the help of Eklavvya platform. Eklavvya platform provides various facilities related to online coding assessment, virtual assessment, audio interviews,video interviews, or even you can conduct online aptitude test. There are various facilities mechanisms which are provided and all those assessments are empowered with AI driven remote proctoring where advanced facial recognition algorithms can easily help you to verify identity associated with remote user quite easily. So let us start with the coding assessment.

So in case of coding assessment it can help you to evaluate coding skills associated with the candidate. You can conduct online assessment in the languages like C ,C++ C#, Java ,Php,.Net JavaScript.

It can help you to assess coding skills associated with the candidate so you can easily filter out suitable candidates who are having strong coding skills. It is quite useful for the profile of software engineers related to organization.Apart from coding assessment, you can also conduct video interviews of the candidates where candidate can appear for the online virtual interview. And if you are showing particular question on the screen, that candidate can attend that question and candidate can record the video associated with it in the form of answer and that video will get saved in the system which can easily evaluated by the evaluator to verify body language, communication skill or even domain knowledge associated with the candidate.

So video interviews is one of the techniques which can help you to scale out recruitment or interview process where hundreds of candidates can simultaneously appear for the video interviews, they can record their answers. It will get saved in the system in the form of video and as a evaluator you can shortlist suitable candidates by watching responses associated with the candidate. Similarly, there is a facility available for audio interviews as well where audio responses can be evaluated by the evaluator in order to understand communication skills as well as domain knowledge of the candidate.