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Distribute your eBooks/ assessments/ exams via Online Platform

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Analysis results can be generated instaltly with analytics, graphs,detailed topicwise report.

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Single License issued can work one device only.

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Digitize Admission Form


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Reduction in Paperwork


Distribute/Sell your contents in the form of ebook,Online Assessments


Analytics for Decision Making


Attracting more number of applications for the course

Latest Trends in eBooks Technology

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Latest Trends in eBooks Technology

With increase in the usage of smartphone, smart devices, laptops, computers Indian publishers are realizing that there is market for eBooks in addition to selling books in traditional way. eBooks offer greater advantage in terms of its reach and cost associated with distribution, launching new Books reduces drastically for the publisher.

Latest Trends in Educational Contents Publishing

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Latest Trends in Educational Contents Publishing

As we are moving forward in the digital edge, things are around us are changing rapidly. Consider 10 years ago there were hardly any mobile phones in the India, and after 10 year today in 2013 we have 650 million mobile subscribers across the nation. Cost of various electronic gadgets like computer, laptop,mobile is coming down rapidly. It is also bringing positive changes in the education sector. India invests only 3 to 5 % of the GDP for education which is significantly lower compared to other developing nations.

How to Secure Online Examination System ?

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How to Secure Online Examination System ?

Examination is one of the critical evaluation mechanism in the education world. With latest trend is to use technology for student evaluation, importance of online assessment is growing. Many entrance examinations like CAT (Common Admission Test ) 2012, GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2013 would be conducted online and in future there is likelihood that most of the examinations of school, higher education,entrance tests would be conducted with the help of technology.