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Fergusson College (Autonomous) Pune - Department of Physics


MSc. Physics 2018
  • Course Name : MSc. Physics 2018

  • Course Type : Entrance Exam 2018

  • Deadline : 14 Jun 2018

  • 400



General Information

With  the  end  of  the  East  India  Company's  regime  in  India  and  the  failure  of  the  first armed uprising in 1857, for  India's freedom, a new era dawned in our country.  It was clear that the emancipation of our  land and the transformation of the life of our peoplehad to be brought about  by  peaceful  and  constitutional  means.  Indian  renaissance  had  begun  and  it  heralded  the role which education needed to play to achieve national aspirations.Wood's Education Despatch (1854),  the  Education  Commission  of  1882  and  the  Hunter  Commission  (1891),were  all indicative  of  the  concerted  efforts,  of  both  the Government  and  the  Indian  people,  in  the enterprise  of  education.  The  Founders  of  the  Fergusson  College  had first  started  the New English  School,  Pune in  1880  and  later  established  the Deccan  Education  Society  (DES) in 1884. The  college  held  these  classes,  for  almost  ten  years,  in  the  old  Gadre  Wada and  other locations  in  Poona.  A  plot  of  about  37  acres  (a  portion  of  the  present  extensive  campus)  was acquired on a 99 years' lease in 1891 by the DES. The foundation stone of the Main building of the  Fergusson  College  was  laid  in  1892  and  the  building  was  completed  in  1895.  The  college started functioning  on  this campus  in  1895.  From  then  onwards,  the college  has  grown  from strength  to  strength  and  acquired  a  reputation  as  a  nationbuilding  institution.  It  has  a  place  of
pride in the hearts of the people, as a historical monument and a symbol of the country's freed om struggle.


We aspire to carry forward the Vision of our founders of providing affordable quality education, while expanding our academic horizons to bring the institution on par with global leaders in the field of higher education.


Physics department is one of the largest and oldest departments in Fergusson College. Introduced as part of the Natural Sciences in 1894, it was established as a separate subject in 1903 in the College and affiliated to Bombay University before the University of Pune was established. Physics Department at Fergusson College has the honour of hosting the Physics Department of the University of Pune till the University Department had its own premises. The first separate Post Graduate section was introduced at the College in 1969. The department has produced a large number of graduate and post graduate students since its establishment.

Housed in a spacious building just next to the College Main Building it is a land mark in itself. With four dedicated laboratories and four classrooms with a capacity of more than 100 students each, it offers courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The post graduation centre offers Materials Science, Electronic Instrumentation, Atmospheric Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Semiconductor Physics, Vacuum Technology and Thin films, Renewable Energy Sources, Lasers and Applications and Physics of Nanomaterials as elective courses at the PG level. Presently we conduct two divisions for the PG class. One division is grant-in-aid and the other is on self financed basis. Faculty members are actively involved in the syllabus framing and restructuring at the University level for both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Physics department is also recognized as a research center in Applied Physics since 2010 by the Savitribai Phule Pune University. Some teachers are recognized guides for the M. Phil. and Ph. D. degrees. Many research projects funded by the UGC, BRNS, BCUD-SPPU and ISRO are completed and some are still ongoing. Results of the research carried out in the department are published in many international journals, seminars and conferences.


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