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Fergusson College (Autonomous) Pune - Department of Geology


MSc. Geology 2018
  • Course Name : MSc. Geology 2018

  • Course Type : Entrance Exam 2018

  • Deadline : 01 Jun 2018

  • 400



General Information

With  the  end  of  the  East  India  Company's  regime  in  India  and  the  failure  of  the  first armed uprising in 1857, for  India's freedom, a new era dawned in our country.  It was clear that the emancipation of our  land and the transformation of the life of our peoplehad to be brought about  by  peaceful  and  constitutional  means.  Indian  renaissance  had  begun  and  it  heralded  the role which education needed to play to achieve national aspirations.Wood's Education Despatch (1854),  the  Education  Commission  of  1882  and  the  Hunter  Commission  (1891),were  all indicative  of  the  concerted  efforts,  of  both  the Government  and  the  Indian  people,  in  the enterprise  of  education.  The  Founders  of  the  Fergusson  College  had first  started  the New English  School,  Pune in  1880  and  later  established  the Deccan  Education  Society  (DES) in 1884. The  college  held  these  classes,  for  almost  ten  years,  in  the  old  Gadre  Wada and  other locations  in  Poona.  A  plot  of  about  37  acres  (a  portion  of  the  present  extensive  campus)  was acquired on a 99 years' lease in 1891 by the DES. The foundation stone of the Main building of the  Fergusson  College  was  laid  in  1892  and  the  building  was  completed  in  1895.  The  college started functioning  on  this campus  in  1895.  From  then  onwards,  the college  has  grown  from strength  to  strength  and  acquired  a  reputation  as  a  nationbuilding  institution.  It  has  a  place  of
pride in the hearts of the people, as a historical monument and a symbol of the country's freed om struggle.


We aspire to carry forward the Vision of our founders of providing affordable quality education, while expanding our academic horizons to bring the institution on par with global leaders in the field of higher education.


Geology is the scientific exploration of the planet Earth, wherein the Earth is a geologist's laboratory. Geologists study rocks, fossils, minerals, and the processes by which they were formed over the Earth's 4.6 billion-year history. Many problems in geology are much like solving a puzzle.  A common task for students is to present a possible clarification of the events that occurred to produce the landscape surrounding them. They learn to recognize signs of hidden valuable ores, minerals, and fuels so that they can be extracted and used by mankind.

Geology, an interdisciplinary subject helps in investigating and finding answers to many practical questions of daily importance, as well as those that have more long-term consequences. Geologic information is very useful to Government and businesses to develop infrastructure and live in harmony with the natural environment. Geology offers students, professionals, and the public the tools for understanding relationship between the Earth and people.


To assist in fulfilling such aspect of Geology is the objective of the Geology Department, Fergusson College. The subject was introduced in Fergusson College in 1908. In the beginning it was one of the optional subjects at the inter science examination but a couple of years later it was introduced at graduate level as one of the three subjects of natural science group under the Bombay University.

To begin with, Prof T.G. Yeolekar worked as professor in Zoology and Geology Department. Prof G.G. Narke was greatly interested in the subject. He helped the department in the capacity of honorary geology teacher. Prof K.V. Kelkar joined this college in the year 1924 as junior teacher to assist Prof T.G. Yeolekar. In 1926, Geology was introduced as principle subject at B.Sc. level. In 1932, Prof K.V. Kelkar was appointed as Professor and Head of the department of Geology, and was assisted by several lecturers and past students like R.D. Godbole, Y.T. Apte, R.V. Sathe, L.V. Agashe, R.B. Gupte and S.Y. Date. 

The staff and students of Geology Department published a few research papers. In 1946, the Geology Education Committee was appointed by the Government of India which consisted of Dr S.P. Prija, D.N. Wadia and W.D. West. They showed great appreciation of the work done by students of the Geology department of this college. The appreciation was reciprocated by recommending a handsome grant for enabling the college authorities to develop the Geology Department. The development of Geology Department got accelerated in 1951. It so happened that in 1951, the University of Pune introduced the B.Sc. (General) course and the old principal and subsidiary courses were abolished. Students passing the B.Sc. (General) examination could not take up the M.Sc. degree by research. As University of Poona was unable to arrange for the teaching of the post graduate classes, the authorities of the Fergusson College offered to make provision for the teaching of a few post graduate students by paper. With this, University authorities offered substantial grants for purchasing optical instruments and other apparatus, starting with a small number. Later on efforts were made to admit a dozen students each year. The new building of the Geology department, Fergusson College was inaugurated at the hands of Prof. D.G. Karve, Vice Chancellor of the Pune University on Saturday, September 5th, 1959. However, in December 1971, the M. Sc. Geology Department of Fergusson College was shifted to Pune University campus.

After retirement of Prof. K.V. Kelkar, Mr. P.V. Sowani took over as the Head of the Department. He had joined the department in 1954 as junior teacher and was promoted to Assistant Professor in 1956. He was awarded one of the Fulbright and Smith Mundt Scholarship in the year of 1958. He underwent an intensive training at Colorado School of Mines in advanced petrology and mineralogy for one year. Prof. Sowani retired in the year 1986. From 1986 to 1988, Dr. Mrs. Oka headed the department.

After the retirement of Dr. Mrs. Oka, Miss. M.M. Vartak took the charge as Head of Department and carried out this job till 1991. After her retirement Dr. V.T. Parashar worked as officiating head of Department and in the year 1992, Dr. A.B. Chakranarayan became the Head of Department. In 2003, Dr. Mrs. S.K. Joshi took over as Head of Department. During her tenure the department took the responsibility of starting Environmental Science at undergraduate level in the year 2004. She also took an initiation to start M.Sc. Geology and M.Sc. Environmental Science courses in the department which were started since 2007 and Dr. R. N. Mache and Dr. P.K. Sarkar respectively worked as co-ordinators for these post graduate courses. In 2008 environmental science department was shifted to the Life Sciences building. Dr. Mrs. Joshi took voluntary retirement in July 2008 and Dr. R. N. Mache became the Head of Department and Dr. Mrs. Tanuuja Marathe took the charge as co-ordinator of M. Sc. Geology.


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