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CASEC (Computerized Assessment System for English Communication)


English Language  Self Assessment
  • Course Name : English Language Self Assessment

  • Course Type : Assessment Test

  • Deadline :

  • 200



General Information

  • 020-65107848
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CASEC (Computerized Assessment System for English Communication) is a standard test for evaluating English proficiency. Based upon the fundamental research done by The Society for Testing English Proficiency Inc., CASEC has been developed as the first CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) applying IRT (Item Response Theory). By adjusting the difficulty of the questions in accordance with the correct or incorrect answer to preceding questions, this test can accurately evaluate ability in a short amount of time. In addition, since it is an online test, the test location and scoring flexibility allows individual users as well as institutions to ascertain results speedily and effectively from any location at anytime.
Easy to apply

You can star  the test immediately after filling out a simple online sign-up form. Any time, any place -no need to travel to an assigned examination hall at a certain date. Take the test at your location, at anytime.

Get scores speedily

Since CASEC utilized CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) technology, CASEC can accurately evaluate ability in a short time. The test score is displayed on the screen as soon as the test is completed. Individual users as well as administrators can check the score immediately.

Too busy to take a test

CASEC test time is approximately 40 minutes. CASEC is available any time, any place without upsetting your planned schedule. You can take CASEC using their own computers via access to the Internet.

To check your current level

Based on IRT (Item Response Theory), CASEC has been able to build and maintain a high standard of test measurement at the same level as TOEIC, Eiken and other English proficiency tests. With a rich question database, CASEC can accurately evaluate ability with a common scale of measurement for different levels of applicants.

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