Student Lifecycle Management System

Our world is changing faster than we are

It’s no secret that the world is changing and changing fast.

Technology, Social and Demographics, Health,  Energy, Economy – there is hardly anything in life and business that is not changing and  Transforming…

How technology is shaping education 

  • The education sector is also adopting this technology at a rapid pace.
  • Computerization and automated technology have made things much easier for schools, colleges, and universities. It has streamlined the whole administrative, academic, and financial day-to-day operations of educational institutions.

ePravesh SLCMS

ePravesh® SLCMS is a cloud-based Student Life  Cycle Management System software, its complete tool is used for Online admissions, pre-  post examination, online/offline examination, and result processing to convocation.

All types of Universities, Autonomous Colleges,  Multi-Academy Institutions, Private Coaching  Classes, and Educational Societies can use the  Student Life Cycle Management software for effective centralized management.

ePravesh® SLCMS is one of the most highly scalable, integrated, seamless, and end-to-end  Educational eGovernance Framework in the  Global Education sector.

Key Benefits

Student Life Cycle Management 


Digital Paperless Admission and Fee Payment Process

Intelligent Analytics to convert  your traditional Process to digital  admission in just 3 days time

Centralized Allocation and  Counselling System


  • Live Lectures
  • Student Attendance
  • Feedback Based Learning
  • Conduct Live Lectures
  • Student Profile Building
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Flexible reporting and analytics
  • Remote or mobile-workforce ready

Online QPGeneration and Delivery

Subject Matter Experts

  • Defines question Bank for respective Subject/ Topic
  • Define Difficulty Level/ Hierarchy
  • Define Marks for Each question

Controller of Examination

  • Mapping of Subject Matter Experts
  • Define the Schema of Exam Paper in the system.
  • Assign Paper Setters, Moderators, Approver

Paper Setter

  • Set question Paper from the System
  • Verify/ Add/ Edit questions if required
  • Submit Question Paper

Moderation & Review

  • Validate question paper Defined by Paper Setter(s). Min. 3 Paper Sets would be set for each exam
  • Change/ Edit for Errors/ Corrections if any

Secure Delivery

  • Validate question paper Defined by Paper
  • Setter(s). Min. 3 Paper Sets would be set for each exam
  • Change/ Edit for Errors/ Corrections if any

Exam Management Proctored Assessment

OSM with Intelligent Result Processing

Onscreen Annotations  for Answer Sheet  Evaluation &  cost saving to customers  who are using our platform to evaluate  answer sheets

Moderation & Quick  Result Processing &  Patented Technology  for Secure Remote  Assessment with  proctoring

Remove Location  Constraint for Examiner  & Auto identification of  blank sheets for quick  evaluation


Earlier the NAAC committee collects hard copies of excel printed reports but now it is mandatory to submit system-generated online reports.

Through ePravesh®SLCMS NAAC  accreditations are made easy. Various reports can be generated for NAAC through  ePravesh® SLCMS within minutes and contribute to 300 to 400 points out of  1000 predesigned weightage criteria.

Using ePravesh® SLCMS institute can save

  • Time
  • Money
  • Human Errors


  • Admission Form
  • Exam Form 
  • Time-Table 
  • Hall Ticket 
  • Result 
  • Mark Sheet 
  • Grievances
  • Feedback


  • Role wise Logins/Management
  • Admission Management
  • Examination Management 
  • Secured Question Paper 
  • Result Management 
  • Student Management 
  • Various Reports
  • NAAC/NBA Accreditation Support
  • Notices & Updates


We work with each client (How We Work with You)  to understand their needs and develop customized solutions to meet these needs.

Easy Integration with existing Management

Systems that meet a specific client’s need.

Incorporating client-specific examples, issues,  language, and terminology into the design and delivery of the solution.

Developing or using industry-specific case studies

and client-specific applications.


  • ‘Plug & Play’ Kind of Platforms easy to integrate with other systems
  • Patented Technology Platform
  • Strong customer base and deep domain knowledge of the education sector
  • Quicker Time to market for our customers
  • Inbound Quality Leads – Top 5 globally in Google SEO in our product segments

Our Story

Splashgain was incorporated to create the splash in the ocean of education. Since our inception in 2009, Our digital transformation products are delivering great value to our customers.

We are India’s Education Technology Platform company working on innovative platforms targeted at the education and corporate segment. We have been working with many reputed organizations for the last many years. We have gained domain and process knowledge of critical processes like Admissions,  Examinations & Result Processing.


  • Serving clients across 15+ countries around the world and expanding rapidly.
  • Having more than 500+ Happy customers globally.
  • Experience in managing 30 Million+ assessments.
  • Experience in managing 5 millioncandidate registrations successfully.
  • Filed a path-breaking EdTech Patent in India and USA and continued the same path to file more patents.

Happy Global Clients

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