What is wholesome Leadership ?


Wholesome Leadership is Leadership that flows hand in hand with Life.

It is defined as leadership that arises when one is being ones whole self. It is standing up and acting for what has meaning and heart for oneself in a way that inspires others to follow. It is leadership by Love for the unfolding of peoples’ fullest potential. It is leadership that executes actions with consummate awareness and skill.

A wholesome leader is one:

• Who looks at the whole picture
• Sees the impact of his work/business
• Who believes in optimization
• He knows that “Business is for life and that life is not for business”.

Wholesome leaders don’t just look at the money-making aspect of business: they also look at the deeper roots of things and the outer impact of things (on People, Profits and the Planet) in the short, as well as the long runs.

How does one become a Wholesome Leader ?

To become a Wholesome Leader one can follow the process of three- fold integration :

(i) Self & awareness integration with the body mind;
(ii) Integration with the people around me
(iii) Integration with the environment.

A wholesome leader remembers that he is a wave that is part of the larger ocean of life.




Will share more on this as we go forward.

Wishing you a life of Inspiration and Joyous Action which is one with Life.

Happy New Year to you and yours!



Author: Arun Wakhlu

Author is Executive Chairman, Consultant, Coach, Facilitator at Pragati Leadership