HBL Power Systems Ltd

HBL Power Systems is one of the leading companies working in the areas of Engineering Solutions, Renewal Energy and Power Electronics. HBL Power Systems Ltd is a listed Indian company, in business since 1977, with a focus on engineered products and services. Company has presence across Asia, Europe, USA.

HBL Power Systems was looking to identify talented students from Engineering stream in various areas including Electromagnetic, Power Electronics,RFC, Signal Processing etc. HBL was looking to conduct nationwide online recruitment exam to identify talent in those areas and reward selected students.


Online Examination Process

HBL Power Systems invited applications from across engineering students community. They received more than 3500 applications for this scholarship test. HBL decided to use reputed Online Examination Platform Eklavvya to conduct online examination for those applicants.


Secure Browser

Online Examination system is defined in such a way that students were not been able to open any other browser while appearing for the exam. It helped HBL to maintain security required for managing exam of such large scale. Entire exam was of 90 minutes and having 30 questions. Each student got 30 set of questions from randomly selected question sets of the respective subject. Most of the questions were designed keeping in mind in depth technical ability of the subject and understanding practicality of the subject for research mind set.

Authentication of Candidate During Online Exam Process

Instant Result Processing

  • Online Examination system was conducted smoothly with thousands of  students appearing concurrently for the exam from various locations across India. HBL power system was able to get results of all candidates instantly to identify eligible students for the next steps of selection.
  • HBL was able to conduct nationwide online exam on single day which resulted in huge saving of administration cost.
  • Recruitment Process was Simplified
  • HBL was able to identify right talent across India with simplified process



Speaking about the overall operations of the Exam Mr Pradeep Kongalla of HBL Power Systems said

We found online examination system of Eklavvya very useful. System is able to handle concurrent exams of such scale. It certainly helped us to conduct Online Exam across India for the applicants. We can now  easily proceed for next selection process.

Online Examination Platform
Online Examination Platform is an Online Examination Platform used by many organisations  to manage their Entrance Exams, internal assessments of the employees, conducting campus recruitment test. Currently more than 250,000 exams have been conducted on this platform. It is cloud based platform with autoscale facility to manage examinations of any scale.


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