Traditional Process of Theory Exam Online Question Paper Preparation

Traditional process involves multiple entities including Exam Paper Setter, Exam paper moderator, Paper validatorOnline Exam Paper Generation Software etc. During each year 4 to 5 exam paper setter defines question paper based on examination pattern.

Exam Paper moderator select one of the question paper for the final examination. Exam paper validator verifies selected question paper in terms of accuracy and approves it.

This process has multiple entities so it  manual efforts to define final question paper. Cost associated with this process is also significant.



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Paper Generation with the help of Technology

University used question Paper generation feature of Eklavvya.

With the use of technology paper setter can select examination pattern and based on examination pattern system selects random questions from the question bank defined with attributes including subject, topic, subtopic. Paper setter can manually edit /remove/add questions in generated paper.

Platform security ensures that question paper can not be printed or transmitted. As soon as paper setter is done with Moderator can see the examination papers defined by multiple paper setter.

Moderator can select one of the question paper and assign it to examination validator. Examination validator can finalize question paper , edit for errors.


Entire process can be completed in seamless manner with each individual working form different location.


University has used this technology feature which resulted in huge saving for question paper generation process.

Costs Saved:

1. For making arrangements of getting question papers from multiple professors across the region
2. Courier cost associated with sending/ receiving question papers
3. Traditional method of sharing question paper physical copy with institutes involved security , transportation cost.


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