Online Examination provides automation to overall exam process. It is essential to have team structure according to roles and Responsibilities to manage examination process.

Examination Process has many steps including preparation of Question Bank for each subject/ topic, Defining Syllabus of the examination paper, Exam paper generation, defining candidates who would be appearing for the exam, Exam result analysis etc.

Each step need to be performed by designated person having authority to execute certain steps. provides Role based access and authorization to manage examination process.


Superadmin is top level entity having access to all the features and operations of Online Exam. It can define different users having access to limited set of functionality to manage examination process.


Question Setter / Subject Expert

Question Setter can define exam question bank and associated structure of subject/ Topic/ Difficulty level rating for the questions related to particular subject. If particular person is expert in Physics then Question Setter role can be assigned with Physics Subject to prepare and manage physics question bank.

Exam Administrator

Exam admin can define examination pattern, subjects and topics to be included in the exam paper.
Following Activities can be performed by exam administrator.

  • Access to exam creation and updation
  • Access to exam scheduling : Can schedule exam date and time

  • Access to candidate data : Can assign candidates for particular schedule.
  • Access to Result section : Can view results data

  • After exam is validated and approved by validator , Exam administrator will able to assign it to candidates

  • Result Generation.View Exam Summary and analytics like total no of candidates appeared for the exam, score analysis.



Moderator/ Validator

Moderator role has access to modify/ edit question from the question bank for the specific subjects assigned to this role. Moderator or validator is critical to verify question bank and exam paper to certify that it is error free and can be used during examination process.

Here is the summary of Moderator Role

 > Access to Replace / Edit Questions, but only of its assigned subject .Can edit questions from specific exam only

> No dashboard or other Subject / Exam Information is accessible> One validator can have multiple subjects


Online Exam Roles ManagementEach role has specific task and authorization. System monitors and logs all the events related to exam management. Any organization can streamline and define examination process in professional manner with the help of Online Examination Engine. follows all the best practices for exam process management and it can be utilized by simple subscription to the service.


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