Online Exam Trends

Online Examination is becoming an essential method to assess candidates across various domains including education, recruitment, employee training, entrance examinations. Online examination process provides flexibility and scale to conduct exams of various candidates. Result processing is quick and it can also provide useful analytics for decision making.

Importance of Security during the Online Exam

The security of online examination is essential to get 100% accurate and authenticated results of the exam. In recent times people have identified ways to hack online exam processes or impersonate the candidate to manipulate the exam process for personal gains. Many hi-tech electronic devices are used to manipulate the online exam process. Online Examination System should be secure to prevent such malpractices.

Online Exam With Remote Proctoring
Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize and control the online examination process in a scalable manner. In the traditional exam process, an invigilator needs to be present at the exam center to validate candidates appearing for the exam. For each exam center of around 30-50 candidates, you need one invigilator. So for conducting the exam of 1000+ candidates, you would need more than 25 invigilators controlling the exam process.
Technology can simplify the process with the help of remote invigilation and proctoring.

• Candidate View with Web Camera

Remote invigilation person can view candidate live with the help of remote web cameras. This would ensure that the same candidate who has registered is appearing for the exam. The authorization process can be simplified this way. Remote invigilation person can also check the area around the candidate to verify if the candidate is being assisted by an external person.

Online Exam Remote Proctoring Security

• Exam screen View

Remove invigilators can also see the Exam screen of the candidate to check actual activities performed by the candidate during the exam process.

• Exam Session Control

Remove invigilators can initiate a live chat with the candidate at any time to seek additional information related to authorization of the candidate or to check any malpractice by the person. Remove invigilator can also stop/ Resume/ terminate the exam process if there is a valid proof of invalid candidate appearing for the exam.

This way proctor can verify/ validate a concurrent number of exams from a remote location. So for 1000+ exams distributed across multiple cities, it becomes easier to manage it with limited invigilators.

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