Examination for Certified International Payment Systems Professional



MVLCO is one of the leading consulting, training and advisory services company. MVLCO provides state of the art practical solutions to large multinational banks and financial institutions, banking regulators, information technology companies and companies in diverse areas of operations.
MVLCO conducts certification exam related to finance domain which is very useful for the banking operations, financial payment systems, taxing structures etc. MVLCO wanted to conduct examination at multiple locations across the world where candidate should be able to appear for it from their location with secure environment. Candidate should not be able to do any other thing while appearing for the exam like browsing other websites or opening other applications.

Online Exam Process

Splashgain has developed reputed online examination platform Eklavvya.in. Many reputed universities, training organizations are using this platform to manage examination. It has useful feature which locks the browser while appearing for the exam. So it helps to conduct online exam in secure manner.Additionally system can also track the remote applicants with the help of web camera, live monitoring and proctoring services.

Examination for Certified International Payment Systems Professional

Examination for Certified International Payment Systems Professional

MVLCO decided to use Eklavvya services to manage their certification exam. Candidates were able to appear for the exam from remote location and systems security was able to make sure environment of the exam is secure and controlled.

Course Training Video Distribution

MVLCO has developed very useful training material related to financial payment systems, tax structure and Banking domain. MVLCO was looking to distribute training videos of the course to subscribers in secure manner. MVLCO wanted to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution of the videos and restrict access to limited set of subscribers.
Eklavvya provided unique license management technique for the videos which helped to prevent unauthorized copying of the videos and helped to distribute it to limited set of users who have purchased license of it.

Advantages of technology for MVLCO certification



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