Power-US $160 billion, Railways-US $71 billion, Highways-US $65 billion, Telecom-US $32 billion, Ports-US $26 billion,  Irrigation- US $18 billion and Aviation-US $12 billion. Well, now, if it is said to repeat the list without having a second look, ‘Billion US$’ will be for sure the ‘term’ occupying the major chunk of your memory and if, further, you have a good deduction skill and are quite aware of India’s current economic scenario, then yes you are spot on! It is the story of the next five year planned Infrastructure Investment in India.

Indian Infrastructure Investments
Indian Infrastructure Investments

Currently India is growing at a healthy rate of 8-9% per year. But the growth story often eludes the poor. For a higher inclusive-growth we need to connect the 6, 00,000 villages and its 700 million rural population. Rural infrastructure needs a revamped approach and new visionary outlook. Agricultural activities, rural housing, roads, healthcare, irrigation facilities, drinking water, power, etc need a relook. Even cities’ infrastructure has to be world class to match the developed nation. Urban infrastructure needs proper housing facility, bridges, roads, business premises, water supply, drainage system, airports, railways etc. Rightly Government of India understood the importance of infrastructure and allocated a whopping 1.77 lakh crores for infrastructure in 2011-12.

Not only India each and every country in the world especially the Middle East, China, Brazil, Africa needs a huge infrastructure requirement. As population increases the need for better infrastructure increases and as projected by the World Bank around $30 billion will be required per year for the infrastructure development in the Middle East.

We, fortunately, do have our piggy bank full enough to utilize for this cause, but when it comes to proper and planned utilization of our resources then

Career in Infrastructure  Management
MBA in Infrastructure Management

suddenly things never seems to be in place, as if at some point one has realized that Oh!, the tooth paste was pressed right from the middle! Still there exists, No 1, Adhoc and Non-Unoform Models of development of Infrastructure. No 2, No analysis of Alternatives and consequences in science based analytical approach. No 3, No effective mechanism to handle Man-Made disasters and Natural Calamities and needless to say, the problems goes on.

With such a huge investment requirement over the next few years and a good economic condition, Infrastructure is set to become the fastest growing sector in India. At this stage we need trained professionals who can manage this booming sector. Our nation needs infrastructure managers who can set up new facilities, bring on technical expertise and establish better management practices. An MBA in infrastructure management can bring the right kind of domain-knowledge and expertise to turn the huge investments into profitable ventures. If you are Civil Engineer or working in infrastructure related projects and looking to take your career to the next level then MBA in Infrastructure would be good option to explore.


We have companies like L&T Infra, Reliance Infra etc undertaking several Development Projects. There will be more in line, to be a part of the Big Pie. And this is where opportunities lie for the upcoming generation to leverage upon and utilize it to their fullest. The next time when you hear news related to power cuts, Old bridges tumbling down, ‘Maalgaadis’ taking longer to reach due to poor rail tracks, then do think that this where YOU can be, the ‘Harbinger’ of hope and prosperity.



Post Graduate Programme in Infrastructure Business (PGPIB)
Post Graduate Programme in Infrastructure Business (PGPIB)

So are you ready to take your career to the next level by exploring Post graduation Degree Option for

Post Graduate Programme in Infrastructure Business (PGPIB)

Complied by  : Javed and Tonmoy



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