Hospitality Industry

As Indians, hospitality is something imbued into us right from our childhood. Our parents rigorously train us to behave well in front of our guests. We are told to accommodate them in our rooms, share our food and even our belongings. But beyond the Atithi Devo Bhava cliché, we do genuinely enjoy attending and entertaining our guests. The bonding, the warmth and the pride in feeding them and making them feel at home, really satisfies us.

Hospitality Industry

Not everyone might retain the habit and the spirit today. But those who do, have great prospects in the professional hospitality scenario, especially in the post-globalisation era. Opportunities to explore various cultures and learn hospitality management in foreign countries have opened up on a large scale.Additionally, the increased international clientele in the Indian tourism sector makes the exchange multi-cultural.

Advantages of studying in France

Most importantly, as Indians, we have what the industry demands the most – “creative spirits to emphasize guests’ experience” and “strong desire to interact with people” (as defined by the IEFT School of Tourism, France). So if you have the enchanting grace that makes a guest want to stay more, if you love being a warm host and if you are ready to take on an adventure, MBA in Hospitality Management is waiting for a student like you.

Why Hospitality Management?

It is not that you will not get a job with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality. The industry is growing at an unprecedented rate in India and offers a diverse range of job profiles. In 2016, an estimated 8.8 million foreign tourists visited India. This number is expected to almost double (15.3 million) by 2025. Naturally, the employment growth in this industry is predicted to be around 33%. From the waiting staff to cooks to managers, personnel for every job profile will be in high-demand.

The flip-side of this trend is obvious – more and more graduates in the field will be competing for the jobs. And the top jobs – like those of managers and head-chefs, will be secured by those with either experience or higher degrees. In such a case, you need to be a step ahead and get not just an MBA but an MBA with Hospitality Management as the specialisation.

The degree exposes you to various facets of the field – from Destination Analysis to E-Tourism to Internalization Strategies. It makes your knowledge immediately relevant to your professional life. Additional aspects like field visits and internships lend you the edge of hands-on experience. Apart from a thorough understanding of the field, the idea of the MBA is to help you start your career at a higher position with a better salary.

Why France?

From exotic destinations to fine wines, Europe is a place that has inspired many travellers. Travelogues of several artists, adventurers and tourists in general, are soaked in the awe and admiration for the varied cultures of this continent. As for a hospitality student, it is a place to get global exposure and understand the international standards of this industry. The comprehensive curriculum of an institute like IEFT School of Tourism, Paris, prepares you for a career anywhere across the globe.

IEFT, in partnership with IDRAC Business School, offers a 1-year MBA course with 3 semesters. The course is structured in such a way that you spend 3 days per week on the campus and 2 days out on visits. This makes the course balanced – with theoretical and practical knowledge dispensed in tandem. The Destination Analysis includes that of France, Asia and Oceania. The course also includes special Master Classes, subjects like Law and Tourism and an intensive course in French language.

Education in France can open up employment opportunities in many countries. As per statistics in 2017, the global restaurant industry is worth $2.1 Trillion, and the global travel industry is worth $1.6 Trillion. Education in France makes you ready for this larger industry andeligible for high-profile jobs, where cross-cultural interactions are required. The job profiles are available in a wide range – hotel manager, operations manager, revenue manager, business tourism manager, product manager and site manager, amongst others.

What Lies Ahead?

The new-age hospitality industry, along with its financial scope, also offers interesting interdisciplinary opportunities. Along with the conventional job profiles, diverse options like strategist, marketing, e-tourism and consultancy can be considered when you pursue a career in hospitality. Even in India, where many e-booking platforms and third-party businesses are blooming, hospitality professionals with all-round skills are required.

Hotels and Tourism Management Education

As said in the beginning, globalisation also creates room for multiple opportunities. Many international hotel chains are establishing base in India and several other Asian countries. The requirement in this area is of well-travelled employees with awareness about global culture. And of course, the passion to serve and host. As said in the beginning, Indian students can adapt and excel immensely at this.


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