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Benefits of online Coaching

Coaching Institutes for various competitive exams trying to become tech savvy. There is increase in demand for specialized training courses in the rural india and Tier 2/3 cities. Availability of quality faculty is an issue faced by many students. In order to get quality education coaching students usually travel to metro cities. Technology can solve this critical issue of scalability of quality education.

According to certain surveys, about 60 out of 100% of people are willing to give a chance to online coaching. And this was just a few years back in 2014. Today the number has increased to 85% of people willing to approach online coaching institutes.

With such large numbers in the coming, the number and types of coaching institutions as well need to be established.

Online training Institute for coaching classes, training of competitive examinations like MBA, Banking, SBI PO

Coaching for entrance exams

For a better career option, the students attempt on various competitive examinations. The competitive examinations are the entrance for varied colleges or courses.

The competitive examinations that are attempted are:

IAS (Indian Administrative Services),

NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test),

UPSC (Union Public Services Commission)

CAT (Common Admission Test)

GATE (General Aptitude Test Engineering)

NET/ SET (National Entrance Test) / (State Entrance Test)

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test)

Bank examinations.

How to start a coaching institute for competitive exams?

The procedure for starting a coaching institute for competitive examinations is similar to starting a regular online coaching institute, by providing the students with online lectures and lecture videos.


Additionally what needs to be done is to allocate the students with the question papers of the previous years and conduct frequent mock exams for them. This helps the students to keep up with the syllabus and revise the earlier taught syllabus.  


How to start a coaching institution in India?

If you are already running a coaching institution, then all you need to do is provide the students with the teaching material virtually.

Meaning, you need to make video recordings of your lectures taught and then post them on your online teaching portals. The existing students of your institutions can have access to the lecture videos as well as the distant learning students.  


Formerly, the numbers of people taking up competitive examinations were not that high. But with the exposure to technology, more and more people are looking for all possible ways to make a bright future.

Traditional classroom based education have been enough at a time when the numbers too were not that high and the exposure the crowds had too wasn’t that much.

And the competition in the ‘market’ of competitive coaching too was less.

The schools, to keep up with the interests of the students also adapted to digital methods.

This same knack has been used by coaching institutions. Blackboards are now replaced by white ones.     

Coaching institutions make use of online portals to provide the students with the study materials, workspaces to work, and the facility to get access to the study materials from any location.

The location element of online coaching is what is appealing about this education system. The student or the candidate can have access to the study material other facilities of the coaching institute provided from any location. 

The teaching practice in online coaching institutes is such that the videos of the lectures conducted about the specific topics are uploaded on the online portal and then the students are able to take the benefits of retrieving those lectures.


Offline/ Traditional Classroom

Traditional method has limitations of scalability where you can teach limited set of students. Offline mode offers advantage of direct interaction with students.

Teacher can develop direct communication with individual students. However in case of higher education or competitive professional course coaching such direct contact may not be essential. Student may just need guidance and tips to perform better.

Cost Saving from Online Classes

Save Costs

Running a coaching institute is not easy. It needs a large amount of investment in it along with the infrastructure.

With the location, one also needs to invest in the basic facilities you need to provide to the students; like the desks, proper lighting etc.

The stocking up of the records and other stuff of the students is another matter.

But with online coaching institutions, that is not the case. Everything is online. Right from the teacher to the notes provided and the data of the students. 

As a coaching institute, you can record lectures and make it available for the students so that they can refer to it as and when required. The cost of running classrooms, infrastructure can be reduced. Online videos can reach out to more students and it is a scalable approach. Quality education and faculty can reach to students without any limitation of geography.

Along with cost reduction for the basics, the institutions rather get to earn more because of the increased number of students associated with them.

Offline / Online Combinational Coaching

The virtual coaching institutions provide not only online but also offline services for the students. This is a better option for students who opt for distant learning.

It is not possible for every student to have the proper infrastructure or needed internet access every time. They may either come from those remote areas or may have a certain financial constraint.    

In case of limitations of internet infrastructure for individual students, the combination of offline/online coaching can be used. In such case students from various locations are asked to gather at designated study centre having internet connectivity. Such a study centre infrastructure can be used to conduct online coaching. In such a scenario, the same teacher can conduct coaching at multiple locations.

Offline mode offers the advantage of direct interaction with students. The teacher can develop direct communication with individual students. However, in case of higher education or competitive professional course coaching such direct contact may not be essential. The student may just need guidance and tips to perform better.

Another method with the online and offline combination coaching is to make the videos of the lectures available to students offline as well. Meaning they can download it and watch them later to their convenience. 

Online Assessment

When teaching, the assessment or examination of the students that if the students are learning properly or not needs to be done.

Online videos can also offer another advantage where the teacher can conduct an online assessment of the students for one or more topics. Such assessments can provide instant results and analytics to check the ability of the student.

The online coaching system is not only for providing lectures but also to test the grasping of the student.

The teacher can assign the students with examinations or assignments, whichever drafted and then analyse the performance of the student. 

How to grow your coaching institute?

To grow your existing coaching institute, you need to go with the trend. You need to go virtual or online with your coaching. Online coaching institutions are the new methodologies to educate your students.

In online coaching, you can provide your students with the following:

  •     Online lectures of the syllabus,
  •     Recorded videos of the lectures of the syllabus,
  •     Solved and unsolved question papers of the previous years,
  •     Mock tests,
  •     Study materials,
  •     Guidelines to appear for the examination with ease, etc. 

Advantages of online coaching

• It is scalable approach
• Cost of physical infrastructure can be saved
• Quality teachers can teach to more number of students
• Assessment can be conducted online for instant feedback
• Students can access videos on internet on any mobile device.


The initiation of online coaching institutions enables students to gain an education without any geographical boundaries.

It is not only beneficial for the institutions but also for the students to gain a quality education. There also is the reduction of the language barrier since the learning can be provided in multiple languages thus making it multilingual and available for distinct masses.


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