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Online Examination Trend

Indian Education sector is expanding with the help of technology. It is enabling to overcome barriers of distance and scale. Many universities and education institutes have started using technology  for various processes like Online Admission , Examination Management.

Online-Offline Assessment
Online-Offline Assessment

Current examination process includes many activities including exam paper generation, distribution of exam paper to the respective centers in  secure way, conducting the exam, collection of answer sheets and passing those answer sheets to examiner for checking, moderation of the answers, result declaration. Traditional examination process is time consuming and  result declaration process gets delayed . Another aspect of this traditional process is it is depends on human work so it is prone to error.

Internet Penetration

Internet penetration in India is enabling things for improvement in examination process. Many educational institutes have started using Online Assessment Platform (Eklavvya.in) to conduct examination. Online Assessment process brings automation to overall examination process and result processing becomes easy, manual errors also get reduced drastically.


Challenge of internet

Even though internet penetration is decent in India but still there is issue for its availability and speed in some of the areas mainly at tier 2/3 cities or rural India. In case of internet failure or non satisfactory performance, conducting online examination may become challenging.


Local Deployment of the Service

Online assessment can be conducted with the help of online/ Offline combinational model. In case of areas where internet is a challenge , examination can be deployed on local server machine and users who want to appear for the assessment can connect to this local server. Users can complete their assessment without internet connection. As soon as assessment process is completed local server gets synced with the main server to save assessment details for the candidate.

Usage of Flash Drive/ CD to Conduct Assessment

Online assessment can be conducted with the help of setup deployed on Flash drive/ CD. Such setup can be executed on local machine to initiate the assessment. Entire assessment/ examination process would be conducted offline on local machine using local machine capability. There would be need of internet only when information is to be submitted to main server for result processing.

Syncing of the information

Information management from local to cloud based database is critical in such arrangement. Data security related process are also critical to make sure that examination data is not tampered by third party user outside this system. System also needs to ensure database remains in sycn with all the local server deployments.

Online Examination using Offline Mode Local Server Deployment
Online Examination using Offline Mode Local Server Deployment



Offline mode exam can support your initiative to take advantages of software systems and overcome challenge of internet at rural india. It would certainly help to conduct thousands of assessment and process it with 100% accuracy.



Here is the case study of Online Assessment :

India’s Top Banking Examination Training Organization using Online Assessment Platform to train students for the Banking exams….