There is emerging positive trend for the higher education sector of India. Similar to US , Europe MBA with prior work experience in becoming a norm in India. Even famous institutions like IIMs are also considering full time work experience while admitting candidates for the PG Programs. Work experience after under graduate courses provides good knowledge of corporate culture, organization level processes and such experience provides more clarity of individual career path.

Apply for executive MBA after getting multiple years of experience is great way to take your career to the fast track. Now a days many executive MBA courses are available with evening classes, weekend classes. In such scenario you would be able to continue your higher education while working.

Executive MBA focuses on skills which include knowledge of Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations along with soft skills of communication ,leadership, organizational behavior. Many institutions and universities are coming up with innovative technology like digital classrooms , eLearning platforms to enhance your experience of Executive MBA.

Peer Learning is also one of the crucial aspect of Executive MBA. Most of the times batch of Executive MBA constitutes working

Executive MBA
Executve MBA

professionals for different places, diverse culture and background with various age groups. It provides opportunities to build your alumni network across various sectors and industries and share the experience and learning. Such peer learning is most valuable and it could provide great level of practical knowledge of the business world.

Many organizations across India are coming up with various policies for their employees to pursue executive MBA programs for advancement of the career. You can always check various policies of your organization and influence your manager to get permission for such programs.


Working professionals who have done Executive MBA would always have slight edge compared to graduates who have done Fresh MBA. Your ability to acquire business knowledge is on the higher side when you have prior work experience. So if you are having decent work experience and want to fulfill your dream of becoming MBA graduate then executive MBA is one of the options to look for.




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