Why to conduct online entrance for your institute

Entrance exams (also referred as Admission tests) are the screening tests for candidates seeking admissions to institutes. These tests are not mandatory for any institute but institutes conduct them to make sure that the best students get admitted in their institute to maintain the inherited quality of the institute.

Majority of the top institutes across the globe have opted for the online entrance exam system owing to the cutting edge advantages of the online entrance exam systems over physical tests, since the online exam software are being used for entrance test for years; online exam platforms have well understood the niche needs of entrance examinations and have transformed the system to match the demand.

The general process of online entrance exam consists of following steps

Steps for managing online entrance exam

1) Candidate registration
2) Candidate validation
3) Issuance of hall ticket
4) Conduction of entrance test
5) Result generation

The online entrance exam has many advantages over the traditional paper-based entrance test. It is easier to administer and less time-consuming. It can be given anywhere, is secure. Furthermore, it saves time and money for school staff, since it is not necessary to travel to an exam center. It also offers result generation than a traditional exam. The following are some advantages of the online entrance exam

Convenience of administration

One of the biggest advantages of the online entrance exam is the convenience of administration. It saves the administrator a lot of time. Candidates do not have to waste time walking from one location to another to complete their examination. And the results are much quicker, as the software can mark and present the results for the candidates.

Here are certain administrative processes that can be streamlined with entrance exam system-

Digital registration

Candidates can fill up the application form digitally from their location, this provides flexibility for any candidate irrespective of their geographical location to fill up the form for online entrance exam. This can ultimately help you to reach more candidates; on other hand candidates can save traveling time and money.

Online fee collection

Candidates need not to visit any bank for paying the fees, the online registration portal can be integrated with the online fee payment interface. As as administrator, you can receive the consolidated reports of fee payment which significantly reduced manual work

Candidate eligibility and validation

System accepts the applications only from the candidates who fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria for admission. This eliminates the manual screening of applications

Automated communication

As an administrator, you can define the passing marks for the entrance test; furthermore, you can automate the communication with the candidates who have passed the entrance exam

Complete entrance exam process can be automated from administration point of view, the below video describes how to you can totally automate the entrance exam

Security of Entrance test

Question paper security in online entrance exam

The security of the online entrance exam is one of its major benefits. A traditional exam paper is vulnerable to theft. A good online entrance exam system will keep your information safe and secure from unauthorized access.

During the online exam, malpractice can be effectively prevented by implementing smart online exam features, you can choose one or more features based on your need-

  • Candidate screen recording during online examination
  • Candidate audio and video recording
  • Candidate image capture at specified time intervals
  • Candidate activity log access 

Following video describes how the remote proctoring can help to prevent the malpractice during online entrance exam-

Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness of online entrance exam

An online entrance examination is cost effective. The online system allows you to conduct an exam without having to pay for printing, logistics, facilitators, or invigilators. Moreover, the online system is more cost-efficient than a traditional one. You won’t need to maintain a classroom for a traditional paper-based exam.

You can upload the email ids of participants and invite them for assessment through an online system, you do not need to rent the classroom and hire large human resource for conducting online entrance test.

Less time consuming and scalable

Faster process of entrance exam

Online exams are less time-consuming. Unlike traditional exams, the digital format is more convenient. With an online exam, you can schedule, take, and grade the test ease and faster processing.

Unlike the conventional physical entrance tests, online tests are readily scalable , once the online test is generated it can be scaled for 10 fold number of students within a few seconds, even last minute scale up in the number of candidates appearing the test is possible with online tests.

Operational ease and streamlined processes

Automation of online entrance exam

Online exams come with the ease and automation in the processes, Once the online exam is created; most of the administrative work is already done, later processes are automated by the system

Paper checking and result generation

The process of paper checking can totally be automated with online exam software. As soon as the exam ends; the result for each candidate gets generated, the administrator can fetch the results with a single click.

Here is how the online exam paper checking works for subjective answerscripts

Merit list generation and publication

On the basis of generated results, you can generate and publish the merit list on the portal, the allotment letters are generated on the portal automatically for the the emeritus candidates, the candidate can pay the admission fee in online mode and confirm the admission.

Leveraging the cutting edge advances in the technology, majority of the institutes are enjoying the perks of online entrance exam which is benefitting the institutes as well examinees. With the experience conducting millions of online entrance exam, technology platforms are now well aligned to make flawless, secure and malpractice free online tests a reality.

Here is one such example, where a reputed college could efficiently manage the entrance exam process in online mode-

Dr. Jonardan Koner

(Dean-Admissions NICMAR)

Thanks, Eklavvya for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR. We at NICMAR were looking for a remote exam solution for our academic entrance exam NICMAR NCAT.

Eklavvya platform helped us with remote invigilation, recording of entire exam sessions with audio/ video/ screen activity monitoring with an advanced proctoring solution. Applicants from all across India were able to appear for proctored admission entrance without any kind of difficulty.

Looking forward to continued support in exam management activity. Special thanks to the support team for helping students with their exams.