Assessment  of candidate using technology is the best way to eliminate delays of selection process. When organisation or any education institute want to evaluate candidate for suitability of the position/ education course interview is conducted or profile is evaluated based on academic credentials and experience. Technology has provided many better alternatives to get detailed analysis of candidate profile which can help you to filter or shortlist candidates from all applicant data.

Following are some of the ways of assessing candidate.

Online Assessment Techniques

  1. Audio Based Assessment


It is useful to test listen skill of the candidate. In such test candidate is expected to listen some audio and answer questions based on it. If you wish to test business English skill of the candidate or ability to understand people from different culture speaking about some topic. Candidate is expected to listen all dialogs and interpret to answer questions based on it.


This test is also useful to check domain knowledge of the candidate. If particular music academy want to test knowledge of the candidate then they can ask candidate to listen some music and identify instruments used for playing the music.


  1. Video Based Assessment


It is useful to check listening and viewing ability. It can also be used to showcase some case study related video and candidate is expected to solve some questions based on the video.


Video based assessment is effective method to teach and assess candidates simultaneously. Organisations looking out to train employees for new business rules, business processes can use video based assessment so that while appearing for the assessment employees can also learn new things using video as a tool.


  1. Psychometric Test


Usage of psychometric test to get personality details is increasing in corporate world along with education institutes. Psychometric test provides questions related to personality and behaviour of the candidate. Based on candidate responses overall score for various personality traits is calculated. Using this score an inference can be made about area of interest of the candidate, strength/ weakness / decision making ability etc.


Psychometric tests usually saves lot of time of assessing the candidate as various behavioural aspects or personality traits are difficult to analyze in face to face interviews. Using this test  organisations and education institutes can gain more insights of the prospective candidate and it can aid in selection process.


  1. Career Profiling Based Assessment

Candidate career profiling is another  technique to assess candidate’s area of interest. It is very useful for students seeking admission to particular stream like science, commerce, arts, architecture, medical, engineering streams. In this test candidate is asked questions about various activities . Based on responses recorded by the candidate , it is easy to identify area of interest of the candidate. If candidate is interested in creativity, social work, medical field, technology etc. This test is very useful to take decision about admission process and if student should go ahead and apply for the particular course.

Many organisations are also using this test while recruiting new candidates to check if they would be suitable for the job role. It can help to filter out suitable candidates.


Online Exam and Knowledge Management Software for Skill Based Training
 is an online assessment and knowledge management solution used by many corporate, Professional Training Institutes, Universities to conduct entrance exams.

It is possible to design an online exam with a define question bank and question randomization approach according to difficulty level and exam syllabus.

It is a useful tool for conducting assessments along with remote proctoring. You can conduct online video streaming or can capture photographs of the candidate after a certain time interval during the online exam process. Remote Proctoring helps to keep track of the overall activities of the candidate during the online exam process.  It is possible to conduct the assessment process using a tablet to manage the offline mode exam process. Many Education entities have been benefited from this new approach to the assessment.